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Driving with large trucks

Like other drivers around the country, drivers in Louisiana may not enjoy having to drive next to a large commercial rig like an 18-wheeler. However, there are steps that drivers can take to make sharing the road with large trucks safer and more comfortable for everyone on the road.

When driving around large trucks, drivers should always be patient and aware of their surroundings. They should resist trying to take chances, such as accelerating when a truck is attempting to move into their lane. Such behavior increases their risk of getting in an accident as the large trucks are unable to stop as quickly as passenger vehicles.

To pass a big rig, it is advisable to allow it more space than one would provide for another passenger vehicle. Drivers should always verify that the front of the truck can be easily seen in their rear-view mirror before moving back into the truck's lane. Every effort should be made to prevent creating a situation in which the truck driver would be required to abruptly brake.

In order to make right turns, drivers of large commercial trucks sometimes have to swing to the left at a wide angle. It is best to always assume that the truck drivers are unable to see the vehicles around them. Other drivers should always give the large vehicles plenty of room to maneuver and wait until they are sure where the truck will turn before reacting.

A personal injury attorney may pursue financial compensation on behalf of clients who have been injured in a commercial vehicle accident. Negligent commercial vehicle drivers may be held liable for driving while distracted, drowsy or impaired by alcohol or drugs. They may also be held accountable if improper truck maintenance or unsecured cargo contributed to the accident.

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