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Car crashes can be avoided by following the right of way

For drivers in Louisiana, it can be particularly important to keep the right of way in mind when on the road. Failure-to-yield laws determine which driver entering an intersection, roundabout or other driving situation have the right to proceed first while driving. Having a clear understanding of which vehicle is entitled to pass can be very important in avoiding devastating car accidents as well as traffic tickets and moving violations.

Running a red light is one of the most frequent traffic violations in the United States as well as one of the most dangerous to human life. In 2014, 709 lives were lost and 126,000 injuries occurred due to drivers running red lights. In most cases, the people who were killed in the crashes were not the drivers who ran the red lights; victims included other drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

The rules regarding emergency vehicles and school buses are also in place to protect lives and avoid injuries. When an emergency vehicle in response approaches traffic, drivers are obligated to pull to the side or come to a stop, if this is impossible. When a school bus stops to allow passengers to enter or exit, the drivers following behind must stop and wait for the passengers to leave in order to avoid dangerous injuries to children entering and leaving the bus.

In addition, it's important to be aware at four-way intersections, in which both directions of traffic must come to a complete stop before proceeding in order. When attention isn't paid to the right of way at these intersections, cars can have dangerous T-bone accidents and other types of collisions.

Drivers who run red lights or speed through four-way intersections can cause dangerous collisions with their careless or negligent driving. These kinds of car accidents can cause serious personal injuries or even deaths to passengers, cyclists, pedestrians and other drivers. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help people injured in car crashes caused by others to seek compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and other damages suffered.

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