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Several major factors lead to many car crashes

Drivers in Louisiana have reason to be concerned about safety when taking to the roads due to the prevalence of car accidents. The number of auto crashes that take place each year has continued to grow, escalating in both 2015 and 2016. There are about 6 million car crashes that take place each year across the United States. Understanding the cause of accidents can help to prevent future crashes and even lower the overall rate. Researchers are working to study the reasons for the crashes through both detailed investigation and the use of technology.

Studies have pointed out multiple causes for many of the car accidents that happen each year in the country, and many of them are preventable. More accidents are caused when drivers take to the road while tired. Drowsy driving is a major danger: A full 21 percent of fatal crashes and 7 percent of crashes overall are linked to drowsy driving. Approximately 37 percent of adults report that they have previously fallen asleep while driving.

A number of accidents are caused by rolling through a red light into a right turn. This can be very dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians; this type of turn leads to 6 percent of all pedestrian deaths. This type of accident can be reduced by drivers coming to a complete stop on red rather than proceeding through the intersection.

For people who have been injured in a car accident due to another's negligent or dangerous driving, medical bills, lost wages and other damages can be a major concern after a car accident. A personal injury lawyer may advise accident victims on pursuing compensation for the harm done to them.

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