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President promotes impaired driving prevention for December 2017

Drivers in Louisiana are likely aware of the danger of impaired driving, but the question is whether they have done everything they can to prevent those closest to them from engaging in it. It's a position that most people across the U.S. are familiar with, which is why the Trump administration has declared December 2017 National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.

The proclamation, signed by President Trump on November 30, 2017, states that every individual must first of all be responsible and understand that even one drink can impair driving skills. The document also encourages everyone to join with family, friends, colleagues, church members and the rest of the community to raise awareness of impaired driving. The Trump administration, for its part, supports American companies that offer ride-hailing services or develop advanced vehicle technology, two industries that could do a lot to reduce traffic fatalities.

Though alcohol no longer causes the majority of traffic fatalities like it did 40 years ago, the numbers are still staggering. In America, one person dies every 50 minutes in an alcohol-related crash. In 2016, alcohol-related crashes killed over 10,000 people. This amounted to 28 percent of traffic fatalities. Impaired driving is also widespread as 4.2 million Americans, all adults, reported in a 2012 survey that they drove drunk at least once in the previous 30 days.

An intoxicated driver is a careless driver, and if he or she causes a car accident, the other party can file an auto accident claim. The victim may be compensated for vehicle repair costs, medical expenses and lost wages, among other things. A wrongful death suit could cover things like funeral expenses and loss of support. A lawyer can have experts investigate the case and then negotiate for the settlement on the victim's behalf.

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