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Vehicle size and safety in collisions

Drivers in Louisiana may be interested to know that the size of their vehicles plays a part in the safety of the vehicle in accidents. Generally, bigger vehicles, like SUVs, trucks and large cars, are able to better sustain a crash than smaller cars. This is especially true when there is a collision between a bigger vehicle and smaller car.

When the safety of a vehicle is assessed, the vehicle's weight, size and structural strength and material are factors that are part of the testing criteria. They are all used to determine the crashworthiness of the vehicle, regardless of what type of technological advantage the vehicle may or may not have.

Size is a significant factor in the vehicle's safety during frontal collisions. This is because the front part of a vehicle will sustain most of the force of the crash. Bigger vehicles have bigger front ends, which gives the vehicle more time to take the impact of the collision. The bigger front end also slows down the vehicle as the front-end is crushed. As a result, the force that front-seat passengers experience is reduced, and there is a reduced chance that the impact will extended into the passenger area.

Typically, the farther apart the front end of a vehicle and its passengers are, the safer the passengers will be if a front-end collision occurs. For smaller vehicles that have smaller front ends and also tend to weigh less than larger vehicles, there is a higher chance that the impact of collision will transfer to the passengers, making injury more likely.

Individuals who sustain injuries because of the actions of a careless driver may have legal recourse. A personal injury attorney may examine the factors that contributed to an accident and may pursue financial damages against negligent drivers or vehicle manufacturers.

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