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September 2017 Archives

Vehicle size and safety in collisions

Drivers in Louisiana may be interested to know that the size of their vehicles plays a part in the safety of the vehicle in accidents. Generally, bigger vehicles, like SUVs, trucks and large cars, are able to better sustain a crash than smaller cars. This is especially true when there is a collision between a bigger vehicle and smaller car.

Reducing the risk of a car accident with daytime headlights

Louisiana drivers may be interested to learn that using their headlights during the day can reduce their risks of becoming involved in a car accident. This is because the use of headlights, even during clear, sunny days, makes their vehicle more visible to other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Texting and driving on Louisiana roadways

Motor vehicle accidents involving distracted drivers killed 3,477 road users around the country in 2015 according to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and a recent study from Progressive Insurance reveals that more than nine out of 10 motorists think that texting while driving should be illegal. The automobile insurance provider polled approximately 1,000 American drivers 18 and over about distracted driving and texting while behind the wheel, and they discovered that young men are particularly prone to this kind of dangerous behavior.

Staying safe as the seasons change

Fall weather may mean a variety of hazards for drivers on Louisiana roadways. It is not uncommon for the weather to change dramatically in a short period of time from warm and sunny to cooler and rainy. Shorter days mean more time spent driving in the dark, and kids going back to school means additional vehicle and pedestrian traffic during the day.