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August 2017 Archives

Why it may take longer than anticipated for driverless cars

Louisiana motorists who have been following the advancements being made around driverless cars have probably noticed that many of the world's most innovative companies, like Google and Tesla, have been working nonstop to turn these vehicles into reality. In fact, Google's driveless car project, called Waymo, already has more than 3 million miles under its belt.

Wearable device is designed to shock drowsy drivers

Accidents caused by fatigued drivers claim thousands of lives each year around the country according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and public service campaigns that highlight the dangers of drowsy driving have done little to reduce this figure. Tired Louisiana motorists often try to avoid falling asleep behind the wheel by drinking coffee, opening a window or playing loud music, but these strategies rarely keep drivers awake and alert for long.