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July 2017 Archives

Higher employment equals more traffic fatalities

Research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that an improved economy with less unemployment leads to higher death rates on the roads of Louisiana and across the country. Data from 2014 produced a driver death rate of 30 per 1 million registered vehicle years across all 2014 models. This represented an increase from 2011 when the rate was 28. When cross referencing driver death rates with unemployment figures, the institute identified a relationship between the two factors.

Fatal accidents involving tractor-trailers are on the rise

Fatal accidents involving semi-tractor trailers and buses were more common in Louisiana and other U.S. states in 2015 according to the annual Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts report released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It reveals that the number of large commercial vehicles involved in deadly crashes surged by 8 percent in 2015 from the previous year and has risen by 20 percent since 2005, and data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatality Analysis Reporting System suggests that 2016 was even more deadly on America's roads.

Tesla fails to score well in safety tests

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a non-profit agency that carries out tests on trucks, cars and SUVs to assess how well the vehicles perform in crashes. The organization has conducted a series of crash tests on full-size cars. Tesla owners in Louisiana should be aware that the Tesla Model S, which the manufacturer touts as the safest car ever, did not receive high ratings.

Lawmakers call for national self-driving car regulations

Louisiana has taken a proactive approach to the issue of autonomous vehicles, and the state's Department of Transportation and Development announced in May that it had entered into an agreement with the design and engineering firm Arcadis to provide technical assistance and gauge the level of impact that self-driving cars will have. However, many lawmakers in the nation's capital and several road safety advocacy groups feel that the issue should be addressed at the national level.