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Rates of child fatalities due to auto accidents

According to a study conducted by researchers at Harvard University and the UT Southwestern Medical Center, the South, including Louisiana, has the highest rate of motor vehicle accidents with fatalities of children under the age of 15. These fatalities are usually linked to the improper use or lack of use of restraints and accidents on rural roads.

It was determined that 2,885 children died in motor vehicle accidents during the 2010 to 2014 time period examined in the study. This number represents almost 16 percent of the total number of children involved in fatal wrecks and corresponds to a mortality rate of 0.94 per 100,000 children each year.

In the South, there were 1,550 child deaths due to motor vehicle accidents, resulting in a 1.34 per 100,000 per year mortality rate. The safest part of the country, the Northeast, had 189 child deaths and a mortality rate of 0.38 per 100,000 children a year. In the Midwest, which had a mortality rate of 0.89 per 100,000 per year, there were 585 child fatalities. In the West, 565 children died in motor vehicle accidents, resulting in a rate of 0.76 per 100,000 children per year.

An analysis of the data indicated that with a 10 percent increase in the correct use of restraints, such as car seats and seat belts, the number of child auto fatalities would be reduced by over 230 children each year, or 1,100 in five years. This would be equivalent to almost 40 percent of the deaths noted during the study's review period.

A personal injury attorney should be consulted if injuries are sustained in a T-bone accident, rear-end accident or rollover accident caused by the negligence of a driver. Financial compensation may be pursued if intoxication, drowsiness or texting were contributing factors of an accident.

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