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Partial settlement reached for victims of balcony collapse

Deadly accidents in Louisiana or any other state sometimes involve multiple responsible parties. This was illustrated in the 2015 case of an apartment balcony collapse that killed six people and injured seven. The people were attending a 21st birthday party in California when the fifth-floor balcony they occupied broke away from the building.

The lawsuit that emerged after the tragedy named nine responsible parties. Seven of the companies, which included construction contractors and an architect, have agreed to a settlement with the survivors and surviving family members. The two companies that owned and managed the apartment complex have not joined the settlement and could face trial in 2018.

The lawyer representing victims could not reveal the terms of the settlement, but he said it delivered a portion of justice to the injured and those who lost loved ones. According to the lawsuit, survivors claimed that the builders of the apartment complex used materials susceptible to water damage and dry rot. The lawsuit blamed the companies' desire to save money for the poor construction that resulted in deaths and injuries.

The sudden loss of a loved one due to the reckless actions of an individual or organization could leave a person reeling with grief and financial difficulties. Someone questioning the cause of an incident, such as a fatal 18-wheeler accident or fatal fall, could consult an attorney. An attorney could examine the evidence for signs of wrongdoing, premises liability or a defective product. Evidence could be organized and filed with a court so that the person could pursue damages for wrongful death. Potentially, a lawsuit could collect compensation for loss of household income, companionship, funeral expenses and the victim's suffering prior to death.

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