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May 2017 Archives

Rates of child fatalities due to auto accidents

According to a study conducted by researchers at Harvard University and the UT Southwestern Medical Center, the South, including Louisiana, has the highest rate of motor vehicle accidents with fatalities of children under the age of 15. These fatalities are usually linked to the improper use or lack of use of restraints and accidents on rural roads.

Former NFL player killed in Louisiana crash

The Louisiana State Police say that former NFL wide receiver Michael Jackson was traveling at an excessive speed on his Kawasaki motorcycle when he crashed into a vehicle during the early morning hours of May 12. The 48-year-old football veteran and 20-year-old woman operating the vehicle were killed in the accident. The LSP say that they have yet to conclude their investigation and that blood samples have been collected from the accident victims and sent to an area crime laboratory for analysis.

Partial settlement reached for victims of balcony collapse

Deadly accidents in Louisiana or any other state sometimes involve multiple responsible parties. This was illustrated in the 2015 case of an apartment balcony collapse that killed six people and injured seven. The people were attending a 21st birthday party in California when the fifth-floor balcony they occupied broke away from the building.

Possible improvements to DOSHA

Louisiana residents should be aware of the efforts that are being made to change the Death on the High Act, or DOSHA. Legislation has been introduced in Congress that will enhance the rights of surviving family members who are pursing compensation when the negligence of a cruise line results in the death of a loved one at sea. It can prevent the companies from using an archaic law to avoid taking responsibilities for their part in the incidents.

Court says Home Depot may be liable in murder case

If a Louisiana employee is injured by a coworker the employer may be liable even if the incident occurs away from the workplace. On April 26, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit found that Home Depot could be held liable after one of its employees murdered another one offsite.