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Safety alert proposed to keep ships safe from major storms

Louisiana shipping employees may be interested to learn that the widow of a man who died when the boat he was working on capsized during a hurricane is campaigning to have a safety system put into place. This safety system, which the widow is calling the Hamm Alert, would keep the ships in port when major storms are on the horizon.

The El Faro, a container ship, was sailing in the Bahamas on Oct. 1, 2015, when it was piloted into Hurricane Joaquin. It was announced by the company that owned the vessel that the ship had disappeared. Several months later, the wreckage of the container ship was found on the bottom of the seafloor. The ship's recorder was not recovered for another few months. When the ship's black box was found, it was discovered that the crew had worked hard to save the ship and questioned the captain's decision to attempt to outrun the storm.

It was determined that the captain chose to sail about 60 miles away from the path the hurricane was expected to take and refused requested to sail away from the storm. Representatives from several agencies, including the U.S. Coast Guard, stated that the Hamm Alert will be included in their reccommendations once the investigative reports are made public.

When a person is injured in an offshore maritime accident, an attorney may assist with filing a lawsuit against the employer especially if there is evidence that a captain or other staff member did not follow proper procedures. Depending on the accident and the severity of the injuries, the attorney may assist with seeking compensation that covers the associated damages, including the cost of care and lost income if the person cannot work.

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