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Evidence in a motor vehicle accident lawsuit

Louisiana residents who are involved in a car accident might need to produce evidence to demonstrate that they were not at fault in the accident as well as the extent of their injuries. Once everyone in an accident is stabilized or receiving medical care, it may be a good idea to get photographs of both the accident and of the injuries.

There are a number of official sources of information that can be useful. Police reports will often include statements from emergency responders along with the accounts of police who were on the scene. Medical records, records of prescriptions, and records of tests or procedures may all be useful in proving the nature and extent of an injury. Victims may want to turn over these records along with their own notes to an attorney.

All of this evidence may be useful if a lawsuit is necessary. In some cases, other people may be helpful as well. For example, medical information is not always understandable to people who lack a medical background, but an expert witness may be able to help interpret such evidence. Any eyewitnesses to the accident might also provide valuable information.

Injured victims may need to file a lawsuit after a motor vehicle accident caused by a negligent driver because they might be denied adequate compensation from the motorist's insurance company, which might claim that the victims were at fault or that their injuries are not serious. When this is the case, those who have been harmed might want to have the help of a personal injury lawyer when seeking appropriate compensation.

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