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April 2017 Archives

Evidence in a motor vehicle accident lawsuit

Louisiana residents who are involved in a car accident might need to produce evidence to demonstrate that they were not at fault in the accident as well as the extent of their injuries. Once everyone in an accident is stabilized or receiving medical care, it may be a good idea to get photographs of both the accident and of the injuries.

Safety alert proposed to keep ships safe from major storms

Louisiana shipping employees may be interested to learn that the widow of a man who died when the boat he was working on capsized during a hurricane is campaigning to have a safety system put into place. This safety system, which the widow is calling the Hamm Alert, would keep the ships in port when major storms are on the horizon.

Fatal truck crashes on the increase

When Louisiana motorists take to the road, they are counting on their fellow drivers to be responsible. After all, accidents can result in vehicle damage, life-changing injuries, and even death. Truck accidents in particular can be particularly damaging due to the weight and size of these vehicles.

Many Louisiana motorists are driving while distracted

Data from an AT&T campaign shows that there are far too many drivers on the road who aren't always paying attention to traffic. The company found that about three-quarters of drivers use their smart phone while behind the wheel, and about 40 percent of motorists use social media when driving.

Punitive damages unavailable in some Jones Act claims

In Louisiana, certain workers who work on marine vessels are protected under the Jones Act, a federal law under which workers may sue their employers. There have been several opinions issued by the federal courts in Louisiana about whether or not punitive damages might be available to seamen who sue third parties that are not their employers, but more recent changes may bring the debate to an end.