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Company looks to take truck drivers off the road

Louisiana commercial vehicle drivers may be interested to learn that, if an autonomous trucking startup company gets its way, they could soon be operating their truck from an office. The company has designed a remote control retrofit kit that allows drivers to operate the vehicle remotely without ever having to set foot in the vehicle's cab.

The remote control system allows the driver to control the vehicle's throttle, transmission and steering. Front- and side-facing radars and cameras provide the truck driver with the data needed to safely operate the vehicle. The technology has already been tested with a successful 140-mile trip where the truck was being driven using the technology about 85 percent of time. However, the company has not yet tested the technology on highways or in highway conditions.

The company's goal is to improve drivers' lives by enabling them to be able to go home to their families at the end of their shift. Additionally, the work environment would be much more appealing and would be safer for drivers as they would not have to be in the vehicle cabin. The use of remote control technology could prevent drivers from having to operate their vehicle while fatigued.

Even though this technology will likely reduce the number of accidents caused by truck driver fatigue, there will still be a human element involved. In addition, no technology is perfect, and there is always the chance of a software malfunction. People who are injured in accidents involving autonomous trucks will likely want to have the help of an attorney when attempting to determine the party or parties that should be held financially responsible.

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