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Changes to the way car accidents are handled

More self-driving cars are hitting the road, and a number of manufacturers have created computer-driven prototypes. While autonomous vehicles may help to reduce the risk of accidents in Louisiana and around the country since computers don't drive while intoxicated or distracted, accidents will still occur. When a self-driving car crashes, it probably won't be handled the way car accidents are now.

Autonomous vehicles aren't likely to crash due to driver error, but some accidents are unavoidable. Bad road conditions or a computer error may result in an accident. When this occurs, someone will need to be found liable since a party will be responsible for expenses related to the accident.

In cases where the vehicle is determined to be at fault, it is likely the automobile manufacturer that will be determined to be liable. However, it is also possible that engineers related to the design of the vehicle's on-board computer system may also be considered partly responsible for a crash. Companies that designed a vehicle's sensors or cameras could be found at fault if either played a part in the accident.

Currently, the vast majority of car crashes are the fault of negligent drivers. When people are injured in an accident caused by another motorist, they may be able to seek compensation from the person responsible for the crash or their insurance provider. They should not just accept the first offer from an insurance company since insurers will often try to settle for the lowest amount possible. Instead, they may want to have an attorney take the lead in negotiations.

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