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March 2017 Archives

Cargo securement is focus of event

Checking how well cargo is secured is just one part of a commercial truck inspection. However, so that its importance is highlighted, cargo securement will be the focus of the International Roadcheck inspection spree that will take place in Louisiana and the rest of the country in early June 2017.

Changes to the way car accidents are handled

More self-driving cars are hitting the road, and a number of manufacturers have created computer-driven prototypes. While autonomous vehicles may help to reduce the risk of accidents in Louisiana and around the country since computers don't drive while intoxicated or distracted, accidents will still occur. When a self-driving car crashes, it probably won't be handled the way car accidents are now.

Company looks to take truck drivers off the road

Louisiana commercial vehicle drivers may be interested to learn that, if an autonomous trucking startup company gets its way, they could soon be operating their truck from an office. The company has designed a remote control retrofit kit that allows drivers to operate the vehicle remotely without ever having to set foot in the vehicle's cab.