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Jones Act compensation for workers in Louisiana

The Jones Act was created to ensure that employers of individuals who worked at sea were held accountable for negligence that resulted in their employees being harmed or killed. People who are classified as seafarers, which generally encompasses those who spend a significant amount of time working on a vessel, are eligible for compensation under the Jones Act.

The Jones Act provides seafarers who are injured on the job due to their employers' failure to ensure their safety with a legal way to seek compensation. The act requires a fairly low level of proof; all that is required for a seafarer to be able to seek or obtain compensation is for him or her to show that his or her employer's actions or lack thereof were partly responsible for the accident.

There are several types of compensation that an individual may seek through the Jones Act. Along with recovering lost wages, a seafarer may also be able to obtain compensation for future lost wages if he or she is not able to do the same job after being injured. It is also possible for someone to seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and mental anguish.

In addition to the Jones Act, there are other laws that address situations where individuals have suffered serious injuries on a rig or were hurt while working at sea. The Jones Act applies in circumstances where seafarers sustain injuries due to employer negligence, but if an accident occurs that was beyond an organization's control, an individual may be eligible for worker's compensation. A lawyer may be able to explain to employees who are injured at sea what recourses are available.

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