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Drivers admit to dangerous behavior in past month

Young people in Louisiana and around the country tend to drive more dangerously, and more of them may think that such behavior is more acceptable than motorists who are in other age groups. However, according to a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, most drivers of all ages admitted to texting, speeding or other dangerous behaviors in the previous 30 days.

The 19-to-24 age group reported texting while driving at almost twice the rate of other age groups with almost 60 percent saying they had done so. Nearly 50 percent of millennials said that in the previous month, they ran a red light when they could have stopped while just over one-third of drivers in other age groups admitted to doing so. Only 5 percent of other age groups said that speeding in a school zone was acceptable, but more than twice as many millennials agreed this was acceptable. The study also found that drivers' beliefs and actions did not match up. For example, more than 78 percent of drivers said that reading texts or email while driving was unacceptable, but 40 percent reported doing so in the past month.

Fatalities as a result of motor vehicle accidents increased more than 7 percent in 2016 from the prior year. With more than 35,000 people dead in traffic accidents, this was the largest percent increase in decades.

Many more accidents that are not fatal result in injuries that range from minor to serious. Whether these involve less serious conditions, such as whiplash, or traumatic brain injury, paralysis or other catastrophic injuries, individuals may have medical bills and bills from vehicle repair or replacement. They might also miss work, leading to a loss of wages, or be unable to ever return to work again. If a negligent driver caused the accident and the offer from the insurance company is low, an attorney could be of assistance in filing a lawsuit seeking more appropriate compensation.

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