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February 2017 Archives

Jones Act compensation for workers in Louisiana

The Jones Act was created to ensure that employers of individuals who worked at sea were held accountable for negligence that resulted in their employees being harmed or killed. People who are classified as seafarers, which generally encompasses those who spend a significant amount of time working on a vessel, are eligible for compensation under the Jones Act.

Drivers admit to dangerous behavior in past month

Young people in Louisiana and around the country tend to drive more dangerously, and more of them may think that such behavior is more acceptable than motorists who are in other age groups. However, according to a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, most drivers of all ages admitted to texting, speeding or other dangerous behaviors in the previous 30 days.

Audio from El Faro documented the sinking

Louisiana residents following the El Faro container ship sinking may be interested to learn that it was reported that the ship's "black box" has evidence showing that the 33-person crew did everything they could to keep the vessel afloat. The El Faro sank in 2015 as it was heading to Puerto Rico from Jacksonville.

Driver training rule delayed

Commercial truck drivers in Louisiana should know that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a notice on Feb. 1, 2017, that will postpone the effective date of a regulation that establishes national truck driver training standards. This is in response to a memorandum that was issued on Jan. 20, 2017, by the new presidential administration.