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The pros and cons of autonomous trucks

Louisiana residents may be familiar with talk about autonomous trucks being used to transport goods along the interstate highways. A report released by the American Transport Research Institute states that autonomous trucks might provide various advantages to truck drivers. However, many issues may still need to be worked out.

Since self-driving trucks will still require a human operator, drivers won't have to worry about losing their jobs. In fact, autonomous trucks could significantly help lower truck driver fatigue and end up changing some regulations, which include driving time allowed and mandatory rest periods. The ATRI also believes that accidents may become less common through the use of automation. However, the question of liability in a road crash that involves an automatic truck remains.

Roadblocks to allowing autonomous trucks on the road still exist and would have to be regulated to allow these trucks to travel from state to state. In addition, having this feature on a truck is likely to increase the price of a new vehicle. The ATRI believes that this increase might be offset by savings from fewer crashes and better productivity and use.

The ATRI study reached the conclusion that autonomous trucks may make the driving profession more attractive. This is because the driver will be safer and may be able to perform other duties while on the road.

An individual who has been injured in a crash as a result of a negligent driver may face extensive medical costs, lost time from work and other expenses. An attorney might assist by gathering evidence for a lawsuit that may recover those damages.

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