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The dangers of Snapchat speed filter and driving

Most young Louisiana residents are probably be familiar with Snapchat, the popular smartphone application. However, many may not realize that speed filter, a speedometer feature on the app, has allegedly played a role in multiple road accidents.

Snapchat speed filter works by allowing users to post images or videos of themselves while showing how fast the phone is moving. However, the app has been blamed for several serious car crashes because it may encourage people to drive to excessive speeds. For example, one deadly accident occurred in October after a 22-year-old driver used the app to post a nine-minute video showing him driving up to 115 miles per hour. According to the report, the driver, his 19-year-old passenger and three other people died when he lost control of his car and collided with an oncoming minivan. Three others involved in the wreck were injured.

In another instance, an 18-year-old woman was allegedly using the speed filter when she collided with a Mitsubishi. As she lay on the stretcher, she Snapchatted that she was lucky to be alive. The accident left the other driver with traumatic brain injuries.

Snapchat released a statement in which they discouraged people from using the app while driving. The app also displays warning messages to users not to Snap and drive. Several states are trying to restrict these filters from being used while driving as well. For example, a bill in Virginia was introduced that would prohibit the app from being used while driving. Although it did not pass, it was postponed until 2017.

High-speed car crashes can lead to catastrophic, life-threatening injuries. Those involved in a high-impact crash might wish to pursue damages if they believe a negligent driver caused the accident.

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