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Advocates worry that truck speed rule may be ignored

Motorists who frequently use the Louisiana highway system may be interested to learn that a rule that would limit the maximum speed of commercial tractor-trailers could be ignored under the Trump administration. The rule that was proposed would cap a truck's speed at 68, 65 or 60 miles an hour. Safety advocates have been petitioning for the rule since 2006.

While safety advocates were hoping that the rule would be implemented before the Obama administration left office, the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration stated that it often takes at least one year for such regulations to go into effect. Since it was published in August 2016 and there are more than 2,200 public comments that must be reviewed, the rule may not go into effect until mid-2017.

Trump has stated that he wants to get rid of any unnecessary regulations if they have an impact on economic growth. However, advocates say the rule was proposed based on simple physics. If trucks are traveling at slower speeds, the crash impact will be less severe and those involved will be more likely to survive. The co-founder of Road Safe America stated that safety advocates will reach out to the Trump administration in an attempt to keep the regulation going.

A truck accident is likely to leave others with severe injuries. In worst-case scenarios, those involved may even lose their lives. If a person is involved in a crash where the truck driver was speeding, fatigued or distracted, the injured person could potentially seek compensation for the damages they sustained. A personal injury attorney may assist the victim in determining whether the truck driver can be held liable.

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