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December 2016 Archives

Advocates worry that truck speed rule may be ignored

Motorists who frequently use the Louisiana highway system may be interested to learn that a rule that would limit the maximum speed of commercial tractor-trailers could be ignored under the Trump administration. The rule that was proposed would cap a truck's speed at 68, 65 or 60 miles an hour. Safety advocates have been petitioning for the rule since 2006.

Drowsy drivers make Louisiana roads riskier

Although the hazards of fatigued driving are widely known, experts say that motorists may be unaware of just how much sleep they really need. In early December, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released a study revealing that drivers might underestimate their need for sleep on a regular basis. News sources also point to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's findings that around 33 percent of Americans are routinely sleep-deprived as evidence of how dangerous the roads are.

The pros and cons of autonomous trucks

Louisiana residents may be familiar with talk about autonomous trucks being used to transport goods along the interstate highways. A report released by the American Transport Research Institute states that autonomous trucks might provide various advantages to truck drivers. However, many issues may still need to be worked out.