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The results of Brake Safety Week

Louisiana motorists may want to know about the outcome of Brake Safety Week held by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. The event, which took place September 11-17, resulted in approximately 3,900 trucks being restricted from the road.

A total of 2,352 trucks were put out-of-service for various brake violations. Almost 2,700 trucks were put out-of-service for violations not related to the brake system. The trucks that were put out of commission for both non-brake and brake-related violations totaled almost 1,100.

The CVSA reported 18,057 truck inspections for that week. The inspections were conducted to pinpoint brakes that were not correctly adjusted and other brake system violations. The inspectors evaluated the components of brake systems to identify, hydraulic or air fluid leaks; worn or impaired pads, drums, rotors or linings; missing or loose components, and any other part of the brake system that was defective. Inspectors also examined the lamps used to indicate whether the anti-lock braking system, or ABS, was functioning properly.

For trucks that were ABS-required with air brakes, a total of 1, 481, or 8.8 percent, of the trucks had ABS violations. Trucks that were ABS-required with brakes powered by hydraulics and also had ABS violations totaled 1,436, or 8.8 percent of the trucks examined. In addition, 15.8 percent of trailers that were examined during the event had ABS violations, according to the CVSA.

A commercial vehicle accident can be caused by many factors. Truck driver fatigue, a defective transmission, unsecured cargo, defective tires and defective truck components can all contribute to an accident. A personal injury attorney may be able to help a victim of a commercial truck accident file a lawsuit.

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