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CVSA completes its annual safety inspection blitz

In June, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducted its annual campaign to inspect commercial vehicles in Louisiana and across North America. On Oct. 20, it released a report on the results, and it stated that during the 72-hour period, 62,796 inspections took place, and 42,236 of those were Level I, the most comprehensive type that is performed.

According to the CVSA, 9,080 trucks and 1,436 drivers were ordered out of service following the inspections. This represented 21.5 percent of the trucks and 3.4 percent of the drivers. The report stated that the leading reason trucks were ordered out of service was brake violations, which accounted for 45.7 percent of the violations. The primary reasons that drivers were ordered out of service were hours-of-service and logbook violations.

Other violations that the CVSA found dealt with tires and wheels and cargo securement. Other driver violations found during the inspections included drug and alcohol use, representing 1 percent of the drivers who were ordered out of service. Drivers who were disqualified or who did not have the proper endorsements also were placed out of service during the inspection campaign.

A collision with an 18-wheeler may lead to catastrophic injuries to occupants of other vehicles, which is why the government strictly regulates the trucking industry. When companies fail to maintain and repair their trucks or when drivers ignore hours-of-service rules or consume alcohol and drugs, they place the lives of others who are on the road at risk. People who are injured in these types of accidents may be left unable to work. They might want to meet with a personal injury attorney to see how best to seek compensation for their losses.

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