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New technology may help older drivers avoid car accidents

Louisiana residents may have noticed that automakers have increasingly outfitted cars with new technology. According to a report, more technological advances, aimed at making cars safer, are on the horizon. This technology will benefit all drivers, especially older motorists who may not react as fast in emergency situations as younger drivers.

Some technology, such as blind-spot warning systems, is already an option for certain cars. The aim is to make these safety features standard on all vehicles, and by September 2022, automakers are planning to implement emergency car brakes in all autos. Dashboard cameras already show what's behind the vehicle, but plans for headlights that swivel when the steering wheel turns are on the drawing board as well.

This new technology is expected to cut down on the number of car accidents caused by inattentive or negligent drivers. While all drivers can benefit from these safety features, experts believe that these measures will mostly impact senior drivers. Older motorists are more likely to become confused in heavy traffic, have limited range of motion and have slower reflexes than younger drivers, thus leading to serious or fatal wrecks. If cars take over some of the motor functions, seniors may be able to drive longer and more safely.

Technology that cuts down on car accidents is good news, but if a component malfunctions, an individual can seriously be injured. People who are hurt in car accidents may be eligible for compensation for medical expenses and other damages through a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. A personal injury attorney may be able to explain the claim process to victims and help them achieve a fair settlement for their injuries.

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