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The theories of negligent entrustment

Some Louisiana vehicle owners may be interested to learn that if they loan their car to someone and that person gets into an accident, they may be potentially held liable. This is due to a couple of legal theories.

Under the theory of vicarious liability, any person who allows another person who they know drives in an unsafe manner can potentially be held liable if they cause a car accident. This example is often seen when parents allow their minor child to drive a vehicle that they own. If the chhild causes an accident that results in serious damages, the parents will likely be held responsible. Those who intend to let someone else use their car should ensure that the person is a careful driver and mature enough to handle the responsibility

Employers can also be held liable if an employee who is driving a company car or is drives as part of their work becomes involved in an accident. This is due to the theory of respondeat superior, which means "let the master answer." This does not usually apply to employees who were running errands outside of work responsibilities.

When a careless or inattentive driver causes a car accident, those involved can suffer serious injuries that can include traumatic brain injuries, broken bones or internal damage. If the liable driver was borrowing the vehicle when the crash took place, the injured person could potentially file a lawsuit against both the liable driver and the owner of the vehicle. An attorney may determine whether or not the vehicle owner can be named in the lawsuit and the type of damages the injured person could be eligible to seek.

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