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Former astronaut sued over fatal car accident

Louisiana residents may have heard about DUI accident that took place in rural Alabama, resulting in two deaths and two other people being injured. The accident involved a former NASA astronaut, who was charged with reckless murder. The former astronaut also faces wrongful death lawsuits in Tuscaloosa County as well as in federal court.

The victims who were killed in the accident were 11- and 13-year-old sisters. The custodial parent of both deceased girls filed a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court against the former astronaut. Their biological father, who was injured in the crash, filed a wrongful death lawsuit in county court.

The attorney of the 59-year-old driver and former NASA employee charged with reckless murder has refused to comment on the case. The circumstances leading up to the fatal accident have not necessarily been esstablished. However, earlier reports about the case indicated that he appeared to be inebriated, and a subsequent search of his hotel room where he had been staying found an empty wine bottle and sleeping pills.

When someone is killed in a fatal drunk driving accident, the surviving family members are often left with significant financial consequences in addition to their shock and grief over the sudden loss of a loved one. Funeral and burial expenses must be met, and if the decedent was the breadwinner, those financial contributions must somehow replaced. Even if the impaired driver is not convicted on criminal charges, a wrongful death lawsuit filed with the assistance of an attorney can prevail due to the lower burden of proof that a plaintiff in a civil trial is required to meet.


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