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July 2016 Archives

USA has more automobile fatalities than other wealthy nations

Residents of Louisiana have enjoyed the national decrease in the rate of automobile accident deaths over recent years. The World Health Organization has been tracking statistics on car crash deaths in America and other countries from around the world. They have detected a 31 percent decline in the death rate per capita over the years from 2000 to 2013.

Former astronaut sued over fatal car accident

Louisiana residents may have heard about DUI accident that took place in rural Alabama, resulting in two deaths and two other people being injured. The accident involved a former NASA astronaut, who was charged with reckless murder. The former astronaut also faces wrongful death lawsuits in Tuscaloosa County as well as in federal court.

Louisiana family files lawsuit after car accident

On June 2, a Louisiana family filed a lawsuit in connection with a motor vehicle accident that occurred on June 16, 2015. Three adults filed on their own behalf and on that of their minor children and named the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident, the owner of the car, the driver's employer and the insurance company.