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NSC wants drivers to be safe this Memorial Day weekend

Many Louisiana residents make plans for Memorial Day weekend that involve road trips. Over the three-day holiday period, people may be driving to Gulf of Mexico beaches to celebrate the unofficial beginning of summer. This year, lower gas prices may motivate even more people to take weekend road trips.

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday, the National Safety Council has issued a safety warning to drivers. Traffic fatalities have been increasing recently, and the NSC is worried that there could be a lot of car accidents this Memorial Day weekend. The number of fatal motor vehicle accidents increased by 8 percent in 2015 from the previous year , which was the largest jump in 50 years.

The NSC has issued some recommendations to help people stay safe on the roads this Memorial Day weekend. According to the NSC, around 104 people will be saved from fatal injuries in car accidents over the holiday if every single person wears their seat belt. The NSC also recommends designating a sober driver or using alternate transportation if there are no sober drivers available. Cellphone use, even on hands-free devices, should be avoided while driving. Parents often lose track of their teens over the summer, but the NSC recommends that parents of teen drivers remain vigilant.

Even drivers who are using a lot of caution can be involved in an accident over a busy holiday weekend. Following a multi-car crash, a driver may want to get in touch with an attorney before speaking to an insurance provider. An attorney can review the police report and other evidence such as the testimony of eyewitnesses in order to determine which motorist was most likely at fault. The injured victim may then want to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

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