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May 2016 Archives

NSC wants drivers to be safe this Memorial Day weekend

Many Louisiana residents make plans for Memorial Day weekend that involve road trips. Over the three-day holiday period, people may be driving to Gulf of Mexico beaches to celebrate the unofficial beginning of summer. This year, lower gas prices may motivate even more people to take weekend road trips.

Wrongful death lawsuit in Joan Rivers case reaches settlement

Louisiana residents may be interested in learning that Melissa Rivers, the daughter of the late Joan Rivers, has settled her lawsuit against the doctors who allegedly caused her mother's death. The settlement agreement was reportedly reached on May 12 in the wrongful death lawsuit that had been filed in 2015.

Road safety still an issue on autonomous highways

Automakers believe their new self-driving vehicles may soon contribute to a greatly reduced incidence of roadway deaths. According to experts, however, liability and personal injury insurance coverage will still play a major role for drivers in Louisiana and around the country. Although insurance and other transportation industries are predicted to experience significant disruption, researchers say such changes could go in many directions.

Experts weigh in on reduction in truck accident fatalities

The most recent statistics on the risk of death in semi-truck accidents appear to be cause for celebration, but big rigs may still pose significant risk to Louisiana motorists and their passengers. Outside groups and commentators note that the decline in fatalities has been correlated with an increase in injuries. The changes are most likely due to new safety technology and enforcement of new regulations by the Department of Transportation.