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Hands-free calls can still distract

Louisiana motorists may believe that their use of hands-free technology will help in the war on driving distractions. However, experts suggest that hands-free tools may not solve the problem. Statistics indicate that 53 percent of drivers believe that these tools in their vehicle dashboards are safe, and legislation across the country has focused on the issue of handheld devices. However, a hands-free call can still be dangerous.

Many of the hands-free devices incorporated into modern vehicles are designed more for the driver's convenience than for safety. Those using them may not realize that they are distracted, but the interaction through hands-free technology could still distract one's brain. Smartphones receive the brunt of attention, but there are numerous additional problems for today's motorist. Although states have not yet enacted legislation to ban all communications devices in a vehicle, some employers have begun to implement such policies.

Conversation can be distracting regardless of the use of a device or the involvement of a passenger in the activity. Radios and gauges in the vehicle can also cause a driver to look away from the road. Scenery and maps are also common sources of distraction. Those who commute may also find that beverages and food can create quick but dangerous distractions. Texting while driving has become one of the most notorious examples of driving distractions, however, because the motorist's eyes must focus on the device in question to read or compose a message.

A driving distraction might not be immediately obvious after a car accident. However, an accident investigation can provide valuable information for both authorities and for the attorneys representing injured victims. Issues such as the timing of text messages and smartphone calls as well as items found in the front seat of a vehicle might provide insight about who should be held responsible.

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