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April 2016 Archives

Proposed regulations for trucking industry delayed

Updated federal rules regulating the trucking industry in Louisiana and throughout the country have been delayed again. The rules in question concern requiring speed limiting devices on commercial trucks exceeding a certain weight and mandating carriers to provide annual lists to the governement of drivers who refuse to take or fail alcohol or drug tests.

Ignition interlocks mandated in 26 states

Louisiana law requires ignition interlock devices to be installed for first-time DUI offenders whose BAC was .20 or higher. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been trying to get every state to pass laws requiring these devices for all first-time offenders. MADD says that the results in states that have done so are proof that the tougher legislation works.

Hands-free calls can still distract

Louisiana motorists may believe that their use of hands-free technology will help in the war on driving distractions. However, experts suggest that hands-free tools may not solve the problem. Statistics indicate that 53 percent of drivers believe that these tools in their vehicle dashboards are safe, and legislation across the country has focused on the issue of handheld devices. However, a hands-free call can still be dangerous.

Truck driver charged again with DUI after multiple convictions

A case involving a drunk commercial truck driver may shock people in Lousiana. In the case, which was charged on March 21, a California truck driver was pulled over in Illinois with a blood alcohol concentration of more than seven times over the legal limit applicable to commercial vehicle drivers.

Cause of fatal head-on crash still undetermined

Blood samples from the two men involved in a head-on collision on Louisiana Route 38 east of Kentwood have been sent to the state police crime lab. One driver involved died from his injuries. The surviving driver, 38, received treatment for moderate injuries at North Oaks Medical Center. Investigators plan to send results from the blood tests and other elements of the accident investigation to the Tangipahoa Parish District Attorney's Office.