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Louisiana floor hand sues employer for on-board injuries

A man filed a lawsuit against his employer after being involved in an alleged accident. The worker is a crew member and floor-hand of a vessel owned by Moncla Marine LLC in Louisiana. He filed a lawsuit on Feb. 16 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana after allegedly sustaining multiple injuries.

The lawsuit is based on accusations that Moncla Marine LLC failed to provide a safe work environment according to standards in the Jones Act as well as general maritime laws. The worker was a crew member of a rig known as "The Porpoise" when the accident took place. He claims that he was injured in 2013 during the course of his duties. According to the worker, he sustained several permanent injuries that were directly caused by his employer's negligence.

The injured maritime worker claims that his employers did not maintain adequate safety standards and supervision during the drilling operations that were conducted at the time of his alleged accident. As a result of the accused negligence, the floor-hand sustained severe injuries to his elbow, arm, neck and back. The worker has also claimed mental and emotional pain as well as the loss of his ability to earn a living. In addition, he states that his employers have failed to provide him with $50 per day in maintenance and cure to which he is entitled.

Cases in which a worker has suffered serious injuries on a rig may result in personal injury compensation. Maritime employers are required to maintain safe standards for all employees, including those on boats and rigs. Workers who have been injured in such a situation may want to have the assistance of an attorney who has experience with the Jones Act and other admiralty legislation.

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