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Autobrake equipment reduces rear-end car accidents

A consumer shopping for a new vehicle in Louisiana might want to opt for one with front crash prevention and autobrake technologies. When the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety studied police reports about rear-end crashes in 22 states between 2010 and 2014, it found a significant reduction in crashes and injuries among vehicles equipped with these safety features.

Researchers looked at Volvo, Subaru, Acura, Honda and Mercedes-Benz vehicles that had front crash prevention or autobrake systems installed. Forward collision prevention systems produce a warning to the driver when a car gets too close. Vehicles with this system experienced 23 percent fewer rear-end crashes than vehicles without it. A forward collision warning system that includes autobrake actually activates the brakes when a vehicle approaches another one too closely. This technology cut the incidence of rear-end collisions by approximately 40 percent. The City Safety system on Volvo vehicles created the greatest benefit with a 41 percent reduction in this type of crash.

The data analyzed by the institute also showed an improvement in the rate of injuries from rear-end collisions. With warnings and autobraking, speed at impact tended to be lower. Rear-end accidents involving vehicles that had autobrake produced 42 percent fewer injuries.

Although new technologies continue to produce significant improvements for the safety of motorists, accidents and injuries remain a fact of life. A person injured in a car accident caused by another negligent driver may want to speak with an attorney about the advisability of pursuing damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

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