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Volvo promises no fatal accidents by 2020

Drivers in Louisiana may be interested in an announcement by Volvo that by 2020, no one will die or be gravely injured in its vehicles. Cars are already becoming much safer with technology such as radar and cameras that detect driver error like drifting into another lane. When this happens, cars alert the driver, and in some cases, brake on the driver's behalf.

A combination of existing safety technology and the technology developed for driverless cars is part of the plan to make Volvos safer. For example, another type of technology that Volvo already uses in its cars is radar that detects the distance of cars ahead and slows the car's cruise control speed if needed. Cameras can detect obstacles in the road ahead, such as pedestrians or large animals, and the car can take action on its own to slow down if the driver does not. Cameras can also read speed limit and other types of signs, and the car can react accordingly.

Volvo and other companies are also working on driverless vehicles, and a car of this type will be a step along that path. If successful, it may help to convince both regulators and the public of the safety of self-driving cars.

Even though driving has become much safer over the years, many accidents are still caused by people who are texting while driving, those who get behind the wheel while impaired by drugs or alcohol and other negligent drivers. Passengers and people in other cars may be seriously injured in these accidents. The responsible driver's insurance company may offer a payment, but once lost wages from work are added to medical expenses, the payment may not cover the injured person's losses. If this occurs, the injured person may want to speak to an attorney to see whether filing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault motorist is feasible method.

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