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January 2016 Archives

Volvo promises no fatal accidents by 2020

Drivers in Louisiana may be interested in an announcement by Volvo that by 2020, no one will die or be gravely injured in its vehicles. Cars are already becoming much safer with technology such as radar and cameras that detect driver error like drifting into another lane. When this happens, cars alert the driver, and in some cases, brake on the driver's behalf.

Most wanted list for 2016 released by the NTSB

Louisiana motorists may know that the National Transportation Safety Board works to reduce the risk of car accidents across the country. Each year, the NTSB releases an annual most wanted list in which it outlines the types of regulatory changes it believes will improve safety.

Flurries may pose greater road risks than snowstorms

Although local snowfalls in Louisiana are rare thanks to the subtropical climate, they are still a possibility when the temperatures drop. Although heavy snow is a highly unlikely event in the Bayou State, the risk for drivers when temperatures do reach the freezing point is still significant. In fact, meteorologists suggest that smaller, more sudden snowfalls have more potential to cause harm than the bigger storms.