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December 2015 Archives

Serious injuries to Secret Service agents in car accident

As many Louisiana residents know, the U.S. Secret Service protects presidential candidates, and it may have been one of those candidates that four agents were protecting when a fatal car accident occurred on the night of Dec. 29. None of the four agents sustained life-threatening injuries, but the driver of the other car died, and two passengers in that car were injured.

Human drivers cause accidents involving driverless vehicles

Louisiana drivers might be interested to learn that self-driving vehicles are currently involved in twice as many car accidents as traditional vehicles that are driven by humans. The problem is that driverless cars obey traffic laws without exception. Because there are many human drivers who travel faster than posted speed limits, self-driving vehicles are often rear-ended.

FMCSA moves to electronic tracking of driver hours

Buses or semi-tractor trailers with a drowsy or sleeping driver behind the wheel can cause catastrophic accidents, and federal regulations are in place to protect road users in Louisiana and around the country by limiting the number of hours that drivers may work without resting. The hours worked by drivers have generally been kept on paper records, but a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rule announced by the agency in December 2015 will require truck owners to install sophisticated electronic tracking devices within two years.

FMCSA rules for commercial vehicle braking systems

Louisiana residents may be aware that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the federal agency tasked with reducing the number of accidents and injuries involving commercial vehicles like buses and semi-tractor trailers. These vehicles are a serious threat to other road users due to their size and weight, and ensuring that their braking systems are up to the job is an important function of the FMCSA.

Another suit filed against Porsche for Paul Walker's death

Louisiana movie fans may be interested to learn that the late actor Paul Walker's father has filed a suit against Porsche for wrongful death and negligence in state court in Los Angeles. The father is currently serving as the executor of his son's estate. The wife of the man driving the car at the time of the accident has a current, pending federal lawsuit against the car manufacturer, and Paul Walker's daughter also has a currently pending lawsuit against Porsche.