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November 2015 Archives

Drunk driving may have caused fatal Louisiana crash

Authorities believe alcohol played a role in a hit-and-run accident that killed one person in Erwinville on Nov. 20. The crash occurred when a white GMC Sierra driven by a 27-year-old man from Lakeland ran a stop sign while heading west on La. 620 at 5 a.m. A red Ford F150 pickup truck collided with the Sierra at the corner of La. 983.

The relationship between commuting and auto fatalities

A Louisiana motorist may view flying as a dangerous prospect, but automobile travel is actually 300 times as dangerous in terms of fatal outcomes. This is primarily due to the fact that people travel by car far more than by airplane, which implies that more time on the road increases one's risk of dying in an automobile accident. While road conditions can play a major role in one's risk of fatality accidents, these statistics could prompt a motorist to make changes in residential or career choices to minimize driving risks.

Study shows prevalence of drowsy drivers

According to statistics, quite a few Louisiana motorists apparently drive while they are sleep-deprived. In 2010, a AAA study found that an estimated 16.5 percent of fatal traffic accidents were the result of drowsy driving. A more recent survey conducted by AAA showed that more than 40 percent of the drivers who responded admitted to nodding off or falling asleep behind the wheel at least once. To address this problem, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is cautioning drivers to not drive while they are fatigued.

New drinking and driving prevention campaign

Teenagers in Louisiana and across the U.S. are the targeted audience for a new public service campaign by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council. Addressing the issue of underage drinking and driving, the new ad campaign reaches out to young adults and teens by casting drinking and driving as the "ultimate party foul."