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Safety inspectors find thousands of trucks with faulty brakes

In June, thousands of commercial vehicles in Louisiana and around the country were inspected by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance as part of its annual inspection blitz. CVSA inspectors assessed almost 70,000 trucks and buses along with their drivers for safety violations. Among the 44,989 trucks that were given a North American Standard Level I inspection, more tha 20 percent received out-of-service violations.

The most common types of safety violations that were found by inspectors were those involving brake systems. About 27.5 percent of the inspected vehicles had some kind of brake system violation, with 15.5 percent of the trucks having a brake adjustment violation. In total, 21.6 percent of the vehicles that were inspected were ordered out-of-service.

Drivers were inspected for safety violations as well, and inspectors cited 3.6 percent of the drivers with out-of-service violations. Almost half of the drivers who were issued out-of-service orders had an hours-of-service violation. Inspectors also found hazardous materials violations that resulted in out-of-service orders. The leading causes of these types of violations were issues with shipping papers and placards. Drivers were also issued 2,439 citations for load securement violations during the safety inspection campaign.

When a large commercial truck does not have properly functioning brakes, everyone sharing the road with the truck is placed at a serious risk for injury and death. A person who was injured in an accident caused by improper truck maintenance will often incur significant financial hardships in the form of medical expenses and lost wages, and thus the victim might want to speak with a personal injury attorney about the advisability of seeking damages from the trucking company itself.

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