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October 2015 Archives

Deadly intersection accidents often involve red light runners

Some of the most deadly accidents on Louisiana roads occur at intersections. Many are caused by faulty traffic signals or poor weather conditions, but many more are the result of reckless driving. The running of red lights is a persistent problem across the country, and data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that virtually all drivers consider red light runners a menace.

The probability of dying in a car accident

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that vehicle-related fatalities have fallen more than one-third in the past three years, which continues a decline that started in 1985 with improvements in structural and safety features. With people living longer than ever, some Louisiana residents might be curious as to how the death rate from car accidents compares to other causes of death.

Assessing liability for autonomous car accidents

With an estimated 94 percent of all auto accidents resulting from human error, autonomous car technology holds promise for drivers in Louisiana and around the country. Major auto industry manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Volvo have already unveiled semi-autonomous vehicles that reduce the burden of driving. Nonetheless, such technology has sparked questions of worst case scenarios involving autonomous cars. For example, a situation in which an autonomous car is heading towards a traffic pileup with the only other option being to swerve onto a crowded sidewalk raises some significant liability questions.

Safety inspectors find thousands of trucks with faulty brakes

In June, thousands of commercial vehicles in Louisiana and around the country were inspected by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance as part of its annual inspection blitz. CVSA inspectors assessed almost 70,000 trucks and buses along with their drivers for safety violations. Among the 44,989 trucks that were given a North American Standard Level I inspection, more tha 20 percent received out-of-service violations.

Fog-related traffic crash fatalities

NHTSA data shows that Louisiana drivers are sometimes involved in fog-related accidents. Fog reduces the visibility of drivers, obscures what they see and diminishes contrast, making it hard for them to perceive speed and depth. Additionally, high beams are meant to help under low-visibility circumstances but only bounce off of fog to create even more challenging conditions.