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Symptoms may show up days later after car accidents

Many Louisiana motorists and passengers are involved in car accidents every year. It is very common for people to initially not recognize symptoms of non-visible injuries that they may have suffered for several days afterwards. Experts believe this phenomenon may be due to people feeling as if they are in a fog after an accident or because of the adrenaline rushing through the system.

Several symptoms that may not show up for several days should prompt medical attention, as they may indicate something serious. Neck and shoulder stiffness and pain, along with numb hands or fingers, may indicate that the person suffered whiplash in the accident. While some cases of whiplash are relatively minor, others can be more serious and require ongoing medical care.

A symptom as simple as severe headaches may indicate such things as a brain blood clot, a head injury or a neck injury. Changes in personality or physical functioning may point to traumatic brain injuries. A person who experiences abdominal pain or a swollen abdomen may have life-threatening internal bleeding. Back pain that suddenly shows up may indicate that the victims suffered injuries to their nerves, muscles or vertebrae in their back. People should be aware that it is common to develop post-traumatic stress disorder after an accident, which can be alleviated with treatment.

When people are in an accident, the best thing for them to do is to see their physician as soon as possible, even if they initially believe they were not injured. In some cases, early medical treatment can mean the difference between having a lifelong disability or something more short-term. When the accident was caused by a negligent driver, victims may also want to obtain the assistance of a personal injury attorney in seeking damages from the at-fault motorist.

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