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Study shows ride-sharing services reduce DUI deaths

Louisiana drivers may be interested to find that the popularity of the ride-sharing service Uber has led to a decrease in deaths caused by DUIs. According to researchers at Temple University, the use of Uber X, the company's most basic service, reduced the number of drunk driving deaths by 3.6 to 5.6 percent over the period studied.

The researchers used data collected from 2009 to 2014 in California. Based on the percentages, it was estimated that the service could save about 500 lives annually and approximately $1.3 billion in losses. Researchers did discover, however, that the use of more expensive services that Uber offers did not cause a drop in the number of DUI deaths. The researchers also looked at data regarding taxi cab use. However, the results indicated that limiting Uber services in order to protect the taxi industry was resulting in more drunk drivers as the cabs could not keep up with demand.

Based on the results of the study, researchers suggested that cities should loosen the regulations surrounding Uber and other associated ride-sharing companies. Additionally, researchers suggested that it may be advantageous for restaurants and bars to sign up with a ride-sharing company, especially because staff are responsible for ensuring their patrons do not drive if they have too much to drink.

A person who is injured in a DUI accidentcaused by an impaired driver may want to speak to a personal injury attorney to discuss filing a lawsuit against the responsible party. Damages often sought can include medical expenses, lost wages if the victim is unable to work during the recovery period, and other amounts that may be applicable.

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