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Man dies after falling in water during dinner cruise

Louisiana residents may be interested to learn about a drowning death involving a small dinner cruise in California. On Sept. 4, a 59-year-old man on the Papagallo II dinner cruise in Morro Bay fell overboard for unknown reasons. The man was rescued and transported to the hospital, but he died on Sept. 6.

According to reports, the maritime accident occurred after 8 p.m. while the ship was carrying 22 passengers and floating approximately 500 yards from Morro Bay Harbor. One of the passengers on the Morro Bay Oyster Company skiff heard a splash and then noticed that the victim was upside down in the water. The passenger was able to rescue the victim and crew members performed CPR. By the time the man arrived at the hospital, he was in critical condition.

Investigators are calling the incident a suspicious death because they do not know what happened on the boat prior to the accident. The man's identity was not released to the press immediately, but there was a report that he was a San Luis Obispo County resident. So far, no criminal charges have been filed as a result of the boating death.

When a death is suspicious, a thorough investigation must be completed to determine all of the factors that were involved in the incident. If another party was responsible for the death, the liable party could face criminal charges and a wrongful death lawsuit from the victim's family. A lawyer may be able to help a family to build a wrongful death lawsuit after a fatal boating accident.

Source:, "Man who fell off boat in Morro Bay dies," Sept. 7, 2015

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