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September 2015 Archives

Car defects may have caused wrongful convictions

New information about car defects may affect Louisiana drivers who have been accused of causing a crash. General Motors recalled 2.6 million cars in February 2014 citing faulty ignition switches. Some of these defects may have resulted in wrongful convictions of drivers who lost control of their cars and were in fatal accidents. These were just a part of the 64 million vehicles recalled in 2014 in the United States.

Symptoms may show up days later after car accidents

Many Louisiana motorists and passengers are involved in car accidents every year. It is very common for people to initially not recognize symptoms of non-visible injuries that they may have suffered for several days afterwards. Experts believe this phenomenon may be due to people feeling as if they are in a fog after an accident or because of the adrenaline rushing through the system.

Man dies after falling in water during dinner cruise

Louisiana residents may be interested to learn about a drowning death involving a small dinner cruise in California. On Sept. 4, a 59-year-old man on the Papagallo II dinner cruise in Morro Bay fell overboard for unknown reasons. The man was rescued and transported to the hospital, but he died on Sept. 6.

Study shows ride-sharing services reduce DUI deaths

Louisiana drivers may be interested to find that the popularity of the ride-sharing service Uber has led to a decrease in deaths caused by DUIs. According to researchers at Temple University, the use of Uber X, the company's most basic service, reduced the number of drunk driving deaths by 3.6 to 5.6 percent over the period studied.