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Wrong-way driving accidents

Wrong-way driving can lead to some of the most serious car accidents that occur on Louisiana roadways. Although these kinds of car accidents do not take place very often, they are much more likely to result in fatalities and serious injuries than other kinds of car accidents. Wrong-way collisions can take place when drivers cross the median into the opposite lane of traffic or when wrong-way drivers misuse entrance or exit ramps on controlled-access highways.

The National Transportation Safety Board has published a report on wrong-way collisions, but the agency limited its scope of the report to wrong-way accidents on high-speed divided highways and access ramps. According to a study that was referenced by the NTSB in its report, about 22 percent of wrong-way accidents involve fatalities. In comparison, researchers found that less than 1 percent of all highway accidents involve fatalities.

The NTSB says that the vast majority of wrong-way collisions take place when drivers are impaired by alcohol. Therefore, efforts to address the problem of drunk driving could help to lower the number of fatal wrong-way collisions. The NTSB has issued a list of 30 recommendations that are aimed at preventing wrong-way driving. Half of the recommendations are countermeasures for drunk driving.

A driver who is going the wrong way in traffic is nearly always to blame for a motor vehicle accident that occurs. A lawyer may be able to help a victim of a wrong-way collision to file a claim for financial compensation against the wrong-way driver. If the wrong-way accident resulted in a fatality to another motorist or passsenger, a lawyer may be able to help the deceased person's family members to file a wrongful death claim seeking funeral and burial expenses and other damages.

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