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Teen drivers and risky behavior

Many Louisiana parents are familiar with the fact that teenagers tend to engage in riskier behaviors than do other age groups, primarily because they have a belief that nothing bad will happen to them. Unfortunately, when combined with driving, such risk-taking behavior endangers not only the teen but also every person on the road around them.

Two of the biggest problems among teenage drivers are drinking and driving and texting while driving. Teenagers, who are the most inexperienced drivers of all, are involved in 17 percent of all drunk driving fatal accidents. This is true even though drivers under age 21 account for only 10 percent of all licensed drivers. Every year, approximately 2,000 teenagers lose their lives in such accidents across the country, many with blood alcohol concentrations well over the legal limit. This is because teens are more likely to engage in binge drinking than are older drinkers.

With the advent of cellphones, texting and driving is also becoming a significant driving risk. The number of teens killed in accidents caused by texting while driving now exceeds the number of those killed in drunk driving accidents and now averages around 3,000 a year. Teens continue this behavior despite the fact that it significantly increases their risk of auto accident involvement.

An inattentive or careless driver who engages in these problematic behaviors place both themselves and others in harm's way. When a person is injured by a teenager who has been doing so, the teenager may face criminal charges. The victims may want to seek the assistance of an attorney in filing a personal injury civil lawsuit against the driver and in some cases the parents in order to seek compensation for the damages that have been incurred.

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