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Cargo tank rollover accidents

Rollover accidents in Louisiana involving large commercial trucks can result in serious injuries and deaths. When trucks are carrying large cargo tanks filled with hazardous materials, a rollover accident could be catastrophic. Every day, hundreds of thousands of shipments of flammable gases, crude oil and gasoline are transported across the United States in cargo tanks.

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration statistics, driver errors account for 78 percent of cargo tank rollover accidents while vehicle condition and load size play major roles in many as well. In 54 percent of cargo tank rollovers, the vehicle involved had some kind of brake defect. About 63 percent of cargo tank rollover accidents involved cargo tanks that were carrying partial loads of liquid that could have caused a 'slosh and surge" effect.

There are some common misconceptions about the causes of cargo tank rollover accidents. Although many people think that cargo tank rollovers are caused by road conditions, the truth is that road and environmental conditions only cause about 4 percent of rollovers. About two-thirds of rollovers occur during the day, and 93 percent of rollovers happen on dry roadways. Truck drivers with over 10 years of driving experience are responsible for around 66 percent of rollover accidents.

When a cargo tank rolls over in the middle of a busy highway, there may be many people injured and even killed. A victim of one of these kinds of accidents might want to speak with a lawyer about pursuing claims for financial compensation. Depending on what factors were involved in a truck accident, a victim may be able to file a claim against the truck driver, trucking company and vehicle manufacturer.

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