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July 2015 Archives

Pickup T-bones limousine, injuring five and killing four

Many Louisiana residents saw the national news reports about an accident that happened in New York where a pickup truck collided with a limousine, killing four and injuring five others. The driver of the pickup has been charged with misdemeanor driving while intoxicated, according to a county district attorney. The driver allegedly told law enforcement officials that he had been at home drinking beer prior to the crash.

Cargo tank rollover accidents

Rollover accidents in Louisiana involving large commercial trucks can result in serious injuries and deaths. When trucks are carrying large cargo tanks filled with hazardous materials, a rollover accident could be catastrophic. Every day, hundreds of thousands of shipments of flammable gases, crude oil and gasoline are transported across the United States in cargo tanks.

Reducing drunk driving in Louisiana

There may be little that others can do to stop a Louisiana motorist who decides to drive after consuming alcohol. Once on the road, it is possible that the impaired driver will hit a pedestrian or drift into oncoming traffic. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently showcased technology that could prevent a car from starting if alcohol is detected on the driver's breath.

Teen drivers and risky behavior

Many Louisiana parents are familiar with the fact that teenagers tend to engage in riskier behaviors than do other age groups, primarily because they have a belief that nothing bad will happen to them. Unfortunately, when combined with driving, such risk-taking behavior endangers not only the teen but also every person on the road around them.